The Skyscraper Hall of Fame is a tribute to all skyscrapers that stand or stood out. literally and figuratively!


There are 4 ways in which skyscrapers are inducted in the Hall of Fame:

• being, or having been the tallest or first of their kind (inducted as a group)
• selected by established skyscraper professionals (4 times anually)
• selected by popular nomination and voting (once annually)
• selected best new skyscraper by popular vote (once annually)

Skyscrapers can be inducted on a global, continental, national or city level.

The Skyscraper Hall of Fame is maintained by, the world’s largest online community where urban enthusiasts go to share news, images and the fun about skyscrapers and everything that happens in between. All inquiries can go to Jan Klerks at

Induction timeline

May 14, 2013
Introduction of the Skyscraper Hall of Fame with the induction of 15 skyscrapers that are or were the undisputed tallest building in the world at one point.